About Us

Founded in 1978, H-square Engraving Systems is credited with being one of the pioneers that created the computerized engraving market, and continues to be on the cutting edge of technology in this market. There are over 8,000 computerized engraving units in use worldwide, designed and manufactured by H-Square Engraving Systems marketed under the brands of H-Square 1518, Champion, Interlab Robotics, Meistergram and other private labels.

H-Square Engraving Systems is committed to the business of providing economic and quality solutions to the engraving and marking process (commercial and industrial) through computer control automation and other innovated technologies.

As the machine automation market is approaching its maturity, and becomes a commodity, a new business innovation is emerging. This is the Information Automation through Internet. The coming technology in B2B (Business to Business) will profoundly change the way we conduct our business in the future. Business cycle will be streamlined; seamless automation will cut overhead cost to resentfully low. We are in the beginning of a new business era.

H Square Engraving Systems innovated, is innovating, and will continue to innovate.

H-Square's Mission Statement

To become the worldwide leading supplier of technologically advanced systems and business solutions for the engraving and marking industry with high quality and reliability that provide the highest value per dollar ratio in the industry.

To accomplish this, H-Square Engraving Systems must commit to high standards in the development of software, advanced motion electronics, precision mechanization, and continue to be quality conscious and efficient in the design and manufacturing process.