What's New

Dear H Square Customers:

January 2002

H Square Engraving Systems is Introducing Engraver’s e-commerce (ee-commerce) to the engraving industry.

As one of the pioneers in the computerized engraving system industry, H Square has sold more than 8,000 systems world-wide, and continues to be a leader in the low cost servo-control systems. After 20 years, machine automation for engraving has matured to a commodity market where only price and reliability matter like hard disc drive. The new challenge is Information Automation.

As part of our product strategies, H Square Engraving Systems is proud to introduce the Engraver’s e-commerce (ee-commerce) to the engraving professionals worldwide with the goal to facilitate and to promote free trades, exchanges efficiently, economically and without borders.

We urge you to browse and surf ee-commerce, which is an online market place between and among engravers and engraving business establishment worldwide. You may browse for items others want to sell and you want to buy, or browse for items others want to buy and you want to sell, or browse for services you need in your profession and your business.

It is a market place specifically tailored for the engraving industry and is borderless. You compose your own classified-ad listing, create your own advertising, with or without a photo, then, post it on ee-commerce immediately. All is done in the comfort of your home, office, library or anywhere, and anytime. If you prefer, H Square would provide e-commerce facility for you to transact your business. During the period of introduction, it is absolutely FREE until further noticed.

You may also notice that our Website has been changed towards a Web-stage where product search and online transaction is facilitated without relying on phoning/faxing, therefore, streamlines the business cycle.

This is only the beginning of a new business era.